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I do’s

Of course, we do I dos! From the large glamorous family affairs to the more intimate gatherings, an elopement, or a simple ceremony, we can provide the florals for your special day. I know that each couple is unique, and your flowers should reflect that.

Some of the most frequently asked questions-Budget! What does the average wedding cost? One of the most common questions. I understand its difficult to budget for your florals, when you have no idea where to start. I can offer some basic guidelines, but keep in mind these are just guidelines! A good starting place would be your total wedding budget, its safe to say 10-15% would cover your flowers. However it is up to you as a couple to decide the importance of flowers for your day. If you're wanting large pieces for the mantle, or an archway, you may end up taking a larger chunk out of your budget. Or you may want to keep your flowers very simple.

When do I need to book my florist? If your wedding is going to be fairly large, and/or you have some specific must-haves I recommend booking at least 6 months in advance, and usually don’t take bookings that are over a year away. However, if your nuptials are smaller, or your more laid back about flowers, that timeline can be cut down drastically. You can always check with us, sometimes we have room for a last-minute, and we love doing elopements!!

Not that fussed over flowers? We can help! Let us know your colours, budget, and just a couple quick bits about style and let us design something stunning for you without having to stress over it- easy peasy! 

And don’t worry, we will still work with you if there is a must-have!

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