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Dutch Tulip Bundles|Double Bloom&Parrot


It would be hard to find something more iconic than Hollands tulip fields-well in the flower world anyway.

Our bunches have 10 stems of premium quality tulips featuring double bloom and parrot tulips. These are only available a few months of the year, and flown direct from Holland. Tulips are equal parts classic elegance and cheerful spring, right in a vase!

*Please note your colour preference,  as well as an alternative, or contact us directly. 

Easter week - pink-dark pink-apricot-yellow & Creamy pink parrot

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The quality and beauty of Hollands tulips have been sought after since 1636. They have a rich history, including being one of the worlds first futures commodities. They inspired artists, who works then captured the eyes of royals and nobles around the world. And they have most recently inspired my inner geek and their history captivates me almost as much as their classic beauty.

Fun Fact-tulips are one of the only flowers that will continue to grow once cut and placed in a vase. Some varities will  grow up to two inches!!